Ongoing Activities

Sustainable Dunn is involved in or supports the following activities happening in Dunn County:

  • Several people from Sustainable Dunn meet regularly with the Mayor, along with the City Administrator, Public Works director and City Council Members. There will be upcoming articles on “green” accomplishments for Dunn County News. There is discussion about Menomonie adopting the Mayor’s Climate Agreement. Click on these links for copies of Mayor’s Climate Change Agreement a and practical document on how to implement this from the Sierra Club called Cool Cities.
  • Dunn County Visioning Natural Group – Sustainable Dunn is involved in the whole process.
  • Member of Sustainable Dunn was involved with the County Bike Committee that developed comprehensive bike and pedestrian routes in Dunn County.
  • We applaud the local LEED certified buildings that have been constructed: the new fire station and at Fairmount Minerals.  There are also LEED standard buildings at UW-Stout.
  • Supports buying food locally at such places as Farmer’s Markets and the Menomonie Market
  • Sustainable Dunn is supporting the Tainter/Menomin Lake Association effort to clean-up the Red Cedar watershed.
  • SD has members on the Red Cedar Watershed Conference committee.
  • Supports Sustainable Future Fest
  • SD initiates a quarterly discussion of county-wide envirnomental issues issues with representation from the Mayor’s Office, City Council, County Board, Chamber of Commerce, UW-Stout and the Tainter/Menomin Lake Association
  • Encourages people to be involved in hunger issues and projects such as Bread for the World
  • Supports UW Stout’s GreenSense group.
  • Supports the Northwest Wisconsin Regional Food Network.  NWRFN supports local growers and tries to enhance and expand their local markets.